How to embrace the heat like a tropical goddess

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My mom channeling her Tropical Goddess in Miami

Whooooaaa NELLY it’s hot out in the Big Apple!

I don’t know about you, but when it’s pushing 100 degrees, I find it extremely difficult to be my “best self.

The charm and the light and even the basic manners CAN go right out the window because I’m SO dern HOT and uncomfortable.

SO… let’s talk about keeping it together and even using it to our ADVANTAGE when we are really out of our comfort zone during a massive heat wave.

1.     Set yourself up for success.

Pack sunscreen and bring cold water everywhere you go.

Take plenty of breaks from the heat if you are walking somewhere…duck into shops and bask in the air conditioning before going back into the heat.

For sunscreen touch ups throughout the day, I use a powder from Bare Minerals called “mineral veil.” It absorbs oil and has SPF 25! I find it better than applying a lotion and feeling sticky throughout the day.

2.     Grant yourself PERMISSION TO BE HUMAN!

Allow yourself to have cranky moments… AND you can also play a game with yourself. This game is called “Let’s see how kind and exquisitely patient I can be with others when it’s RIDICULOUSLY hot out.” Every time you are patient and kind with strangers (and your inner circle!) you get major points in the karma bank.

3.     Get your Tropical Goddess style on.

Something I noticed when I was in Miami with my Mom a few months ago… was that women dress to embrace the heat. A lot of them wear their hair curly or wavy instead of blowing it out, and they wear a lot of sexy, fun outfits in bright, tropical colors. Big, fun earrings and “statement piece jewelry” were everywhere.

Style wise, I am taking a page from their sexy book right now. Tropical Goddess style is all about bright colors, fun prints and wavy, air-dried hair …throw in a fun, noticeable piece of jewelry, and you are Tropical Goddess chic!

Sending you love and air conditioning!!

Your Love and Happiness Advocate,



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