My mission is to help you create the things you crave more than anything….satisfying love, a feeling of real success, true peace of mind, and a LOT more fun and overall happiness.

While we’re at it, we will also reduce space for the sad, UNFUN, laborious, exhausting parts of life. It’s in our control. Yes, it really is!

I’m a Positive Psychology based coach, DREAM Launcher, and LOVE Advocate.

What I DO:

  • Train your brain to process experiences and thoughts differently, and you can start feeling HAPPIER right away!
  • Guide you through a tool-based approach for overcoming life’s challenges, large and small, to feel more RESILIENT and able to handle whatever comes your way!
  • Help you HEAL your heart and let go of past pain so that you are ready for satisfying, lasting LOVE.
  • Help you clarify your goals, achieve them, and create new, more exciting goals.
  • Teach you step by step how to have peace of mind and experience joy on a daily basis.
  • Assist you in developing the presence that has others (including people you date!) treat you AMAZINGLY well.
  • Support you in creating practices to build TRUE lasting happiness that you can own and use for the rest of your life.

If you want to toss outdated clichés, stop attempting to live up to other people’s ideals of a happy life, and discover the fundamentals of deepening your OWN happiness, you’re ready.


Email me here:  Call me here: 212-256-0490

Want to know more?  Here’s more!

I have always been drawn to the psychology behind what makes us happy—especially love and spirituality. Growing up in a family of traditional therapists and intuitive healers, my innate gift of helping people reveal their best, most brilliant selves was cultivated early in life. I have sought and researched the most valuable tools and gems of knowledge from both contemporary sources and ancient spiritual practices, spending over 10 years studying different world religions and philosophies from Goddess culture to yoga and meditation to Buddhism and Kabbalah.

As a lifelong dancer I love all styles of dance! I’ve recently become a student of Irish dancing and I’m a huge fan of Burlesque. This constantly evolving passion has served as the basis of my popular Danspiration™ events, a power session that starts with and inspiring workshop and then turns into a full on dance party.

In my heart, I’m a Dream Launcher.

I know firsthand what it is like to be just “a girl and an undefined dream” and the significant impact it had on my life when I finally discovered my calling.

 At 22, I moved to New York with no friends, no money, and no real direction.   Did I mention I fled an engagement I was not ready for? In search of something extraordinary, I felt lost, but held steadfast in my quest for more from life. I didn’t know what it looked like or how to take the first steps toward creating what I wanted. I didn’t KNOW what I wanted until fate (combined with the right attitude) put me in the position to work for a world-renowned women’s happiness expert.

Within a year I went from answering phones to speaking in front of hundreds, creating course content, and coaching under her brand. When industry experts began seeking my advice for their own big personal questions, I knew it was time to expand and help other go-getting women live the life of their dreams.

I established La Vida Femme because I love inspiring ladies to dream BIG and get the “something MORE” they’ve been craving in their lives.

It’s my goal to support you with cutting-edge, practical, and FUN ways to magnetize your big dreams for business, love, and creativity.

 Since 2005, I’ve helped over 150 women in my private coaching and over 3,000 women craft extraordinary lives (through live events and group work). These women make an impact and shed light in the world. I know that pursuing your deepest desires can be intimidating, but with my practical approach (and some co-created miracles thrown in!) I’m here to help you manifest your hearts BIG desires.