What is YOUR mission? And Invitation!

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Hey Lady,

Let’s have a chat about “Missions” shall we?

I have been a coach and speaker for women full time for 9 years now… WOW. That number makes me feel a little, ahem, experienced:)

When I started my career I was just 25. There were a lot of supporters and a lot of nay sayers… such is life! Some people were impressed with my moxie and skill and some people felt like I needed more life experience to be talking about life!

So… why has it “worked out” for me? I got clear on my mission.

Your MISSION is a way that you want to SERVE the world that is precious to you and close to your heart. Something that you would put above being “liked,” or being “approved of.” Something that you want to contribute… that taps you into your SPECIAL LIGHT that only YOU can create.

Here’s my mission:

I am here to spread LIGHT in any and all ways that I can.

From time to time I will send you events or opportunities that I think might truly benefit you or your loved ones.

Recently a new charity has come to my attention: “Spirituality For Kids.” I connect with their MISSION—teaching children practical tools for handling life, EARLY. WOW!
Their first big event is going to be on Sunday, May 4th from 11am- 3:00pm in Midtown West in Manhattan. It is an event for children full of incredible activities and it is also for women who want to make a difference for children. It will be star studded and chock FULL of original, FUN activities.

You can participate as a mother, aunt, cousin, mentor… anyone who has a special child in their life. It’s going to be quite an affair, and is definitely worth checking out.
Here is the link for more information (and to buy tickets!)

Whether this event resonates with you right now or not—I want you to take this away from this email—

Whether you know what your “mission” is or not, you DO have purpose that is distinct for you here on this planet.

Not sure what it is? If you make it your intention to find it you WILL!

Got a mission that you want to AMPLIFY? Let me know about it.

You can hit “reply” and let me know how you are spreading your Light.

Sending you MASSIVE amounts of LOVE,
Your Dream Advocate,

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