the secret I’ve learned recently:)

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Hey Beautiful,

I hope that you are feeling GOOD today…
I will be heading to Hawaii in just a few short days for work.
If you’ve known me awhile, you know that I was hired to speak there last year, and I am headed back!
YES:) Dream gigs DO happen.
I hope that inspires you…

I have been traveling around a LOT recently talking to friends and family about LIFE.
And about what they have chosen for themselves, and why.
I’ve spoke to my Dad “Papa Webb”… my best friend Caroline, my aunt and my other mentors in life.

And what I’ve learned, is the beauty of SILENCE.
Silence is GOLDEN.” -Papa Webb

If you’re ever confused or feel on the brink of big changes…
It’s always good to have SILENCE in your life sometimes.

I know many of you live in New York City too… and it can be hard to find PEACE of mind here, but it can be done.

I recommend finding some spirituality from a place that feels right to you.
I recommend WRITING it all out…
I recommend talking to TRUSTED wise sources…
I recommend DANCING… and laughing wherever you can get it.
These have been the key to my surrendering, and finding the power and beauty of my VOICE.

Why don’t you keep joining me on my journey??
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I’m not sure if I will be able to write you next week from Hawaii or not, because I will be in the jungle of Hawaii in a very remote place that barely has wifi…. LOVE SO we shall see:) Follow along on social media if you like!

Here are our Power Practices for this week:
1) WRITE, write, write… and write some more. I believe that we are all “artists” in our own way. Artists need to express… maybe that looks like singing, dancing, writing a blog or ANY kind of creation. Create girlfriend, create. Let me know about what you do. I’m interested!

2) Be GENTLE with yourself… ALWAYS. We all have a lot of pressure in life. Be very, very gentle. And when in doubt…. SLOW DOWN. When you feel that you have balance, then leap toward MORE JOY. That’s what I will be doing this summer… SURRENDERING to MORE JOY.

Hell to the YES!

Keep going… and keep embracing it all every step of the way.

Sending you LOVE!

Your Love and HAPPINESS Advocate,

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