my secret to letting go :)

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ALOHA Beautiful:)

I’m writing this to you from one of my favorite places on earth, Hawaii.

Now… if you’ve been following my journey on social media, you may have noticed that I have been doing A LOT of traveling.

Traveling for work, traveling to see family… and also I have been SEEKING some clarity on how I want to live my life.

Have you ever had the feeling in your tummy that something in your life was just NOT working??

Well, that’s how I WAS feeling.

LOTS of work, lots of to do lists, lots of responsibility… lots of PRESSURE.

What part of that sounds SEXY to you?? To me… NOT MUCH:)

There is a principal in Positive Psychology called “FLOW state.”

Flow state is the moments where you lose track of time and space… when you are not looking at your phone and your just BEING there and relishing the moment.

I realized: I need MORE FLOW:) Less “go go go.”

Here is what puts me in flow state: dancing, laughing, good comedy, good music… I like oldschool reggae especially. Delicious food, good red wine…walks outside… WATER. The beach specifically. Skipping! Swinging, hula hooping, nature … All of the above:)

I have made a commitment to myself to LEAP towards more JOY and more FLOW this summer, starting this week.

Wanna join me?? *Being in FLOW mode is SEXY and yep:) … you CAN quote me on that.*

Let’s go girl! Follow me on social media to see my JOY JOURNEY and use it as inspiration to keep finding your OWN joy!

We are all in this together:) Let’s keep researching what LIGHTS us up.

Sending you LOVE, laughter and magical moments…

Your Happiness Advocate,


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