a surprising way to have more FUN this summer

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Hey lady,

I hope you are LOVING the change in the weather and the energy… I am:).

As you may know, I just got back from some adventures in Hawaii… I was booked to speak there and did a little playing as well!

One of my favorite activities in Hawaii is hula dancing… it’s SO playful and fun and feminine.
I was a classically trained dancer as a child, and then in highschool I was on the “Dance Team.”

I DO LOVE to dance… but the thing that always felt sad to me about the dance world, is that it was usually learning routines in preparation for a competition. Competition was stressful, the practices weren’t that fun, and it was for a big “show” or recital or to compete against other teams.

Ummm… where is the FUN in that?? Sounds like a big massive panic attack to me… all of it. What about dancing just to DANCE? That’s what I always wanted to do.

SO… this year in Hawaii, I went to class… I learned… I enjoyed, I relished.

And there was a show the last night of the camp. I decided not to perform, and I enjoyed watching the other ladies and happily cheered them on.

One of the (great.\) women there said something to me that I thought was really interesting. She said “You’re so good at it…You HAVE to do the show.” She meant well… and it was coming from a good place…

But it got me thinking:

Do any of us “”have to” do something for the public because we are “good” at it?

Here’s my answer: NOPE. You don’t have to do SHITAKE unless it LIGHTS you up.

We ARE here to share our light… that’s true, but don’t overcommit because you feel that you “have to.”

Here is my summer challenge for you:

1) Research what lights you up: and then make time for it and DO IT— dancing, playing, singing, writing, hula hooping, skipping… let the KID in you PLAY .

2) Create MORE. flow…less “go go go!.” To have more time for “flow.” and FUN in your life… you may start having to say “NO” more to things that aren’t fun for you. I support you in that.

Cheers to having a summer filled with JOY:).

With LOVE,


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