Surprisingly simple ways to shift a challenging time

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Hello Lovely!

For those of you who are interested in astrology, you may be aware that we are in a time of year that is known for being a time of “tests” and challenges.

If you have been feeling tested lately, it’s NOT just you:)

I have been seeing a LOT of tests come up for me, my friends and my clients. Oy vey! It’s been interesting for sure.

Last week I went to a big event that I felt very lucky to be invited to. There were a lot of quality people that I admire in one room.

I had the right outfit, the right mindset and the night was going beautifully… I was spending time with a few true trailblazers in my industry. I was “feeling the fear” of doing that– and doing it anyway! And then suddenly I felt a wave a nausea come over me, I ran to the ladies… And got pretty ill. I had to leave the event about half way through and was super bummed about it.
On my way out, I ran into a mentor of mine and she could tell I was upset that I had to leave. Her words to me:

Don’t feel bad. You made the effort to be here! We have our plans, and the “powers that be”have THEIR plans.”
I let that sink in. In that moment, it felt like a total “loss“… but maybe it wasn’t.
When we are feeling “side swiped” by life… the BEST possible thing you can do is REACH for the good.

As I say to my beloved clients “Reach for the fleck of gold in the pile of shitake. ” Ha!
So, when I got home and was feeling sorry for myself I reached for a pen and paper and LISTED the good that had come out of the night– the smiles that were shared– the one spin on the dance floor… the opportunity to attend.

When I feel out of control, my normal “knee jerk” response is usually PANIC… and the quickest way through it… is a GRATITUDE list. Listing out the specific blessings involved with every challenge is a *lifesaver* and I REALLY recommend it.

Let’s do Power Practices, shall we?

1) When faced with an overwhelming challenge… REACH for the good. LIST OUT the good stuff… anything you can think of (at ALL) that is an upside to the situation. If you REALLY look, you will find it.

2) Reframe, reframe, reframe… if you are telling yourself a “Woe is me” tale… nothing good can come from it. Trust me, I should know!! I’ve tried it plenty and it never got me even a baby step closer to my dreams. Acknowledge your feelings… and then choose a different tale to tell. Sing a tune of opportunity, transformation and triumph through tough times instead!

Alright friend, YOU GOT THIS.
I’m sending you strength, resilience and some laughs along the way:)

Your Love and Happiness Advocate,

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