“We had a session yesterday that made me feel exhilarated, safe, thrilled, and stretched all at the same time. I left the session with a new found sense of empowerment, serenity, mastery, and energy!

-Kate Northrup

“I first saw Elizabeth when she spoke at a workshop I attended and was really drawn to her message of self care, self love and confidence.I am an attorney, and felt like I had lost my true self somewhere in the daily grind.I began coaching with her, and the results were almost instant. I began taking care of myself in a way I never had before and started representing myself in a completely different way in the world– both socially and at work. I was able to create boundaries with co workers and with men, and simultaneously started having a lot more fun… and started approaching things with more playfulness.Upon completion, my attitude towards life was unrecognizably powerful, positive and relaxed.I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

-Erin W.

“I completely transformed while working with Elizabeth. I began attending her workshops, and then coached with her. What she helped me do, was find my voice and realize what I was capable of. She never let me shrink from my big dreams, lovingly pushed me forward when I felt stuck. During the process, I also had an ex boyfriend who had devastated me, returned to me on bended knee… only for me to decide that I wanted better. I was able to own my true value for the first time in my life. Elizabeth helped me realize my brilliance and worth, and I hope every woman can experience her work in some capacity.

-Kiki O.

I met my “dream guy” while working with Elizabeth. She helped calm me down, release my attachment to the outcome, and let our love take it’s natural course– which is not easy to do!! I am now happily married, and couldn’t have done it without her.”

-Teresa Horton-Hill

“I am truly one of Elizabeth’s biggest fans! This woman will make things happen for you… by empowering you and pushing you into new ways of being! Her workshops and private coaching both really shifted things for me. While working with her I got over my toxic ex boyfriend, left a draining job to start a brilliant new career, AND met and married the best guy I’ve ever met. I am eternally grateful and encourage you to run (don’t walk!) to get a piece of her brilliance in whatever form you can. “

-Jody R.

“I have experienced many other coaches and ‘gurus’ and I have discovered over time that Elizabeth Webb delivers the best, consistent results. There are no smoke and mirrors with her. She is honest, kind and full of integrity and she will push you and stretch you in the best possible ways. In short, she is a miracle worker, and the only coach that I trust my love life with.”

-Janice Goldman

“Elizabeth has a rare gift! She completely altered how I saw myself in relation to men. I’m not afraid of being ‘seen’ and finding the relationship of my dreams! It’s intense and great – no person, book, film or company has done what she was able to do in quick, easy-to-understand language.

– Kira C.

Elizabeth is a genius! Her warm, kind approach has really helped me to better understand what it is I want. I so appreciate her independent point of view and it is wonderful to be able to talk so honestly and openly and know that she has only your best interests at heart. She is brilliant at listening, offering sound advice and reminding you of your best self….she rocks!”

-Fiona (Dublin, Ireland)

Coaching with Elizabeth has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. In just one session, I had a seismic shift in how I viewed myself in relation to men, in how close I am in creating the relationship of my dreams. I notice the difference in myself, my attitude, my walk, my smile, my clothes and in all my interactions with others. The benefits have been bubbling through to all areas of my life– my relationships with men, family, friends, money, career, health. Elizabeth is able to quickly and lovingly pinpoint impactful events and actions in my life that create tremendous results; all in a way that is fun and unique to me. With Elizabeth’s coaching, I’m creating my best ME yet!”

-Shilpa (NYC)

“A girlfriend said ‘You have to call Elizabeth. She’s is a born genius at this stuff. She just KNOWS.’ I was amazed by how someone so young could be such an ‘old soul’ in her wisdom. She was totally insightful about my own particular situation, and laid it out very simply: Do this, don’t do that, see what happens. I was skeptical, because how could anybody who looks so young and adorable KNOW so much? Well, she did. She is also one of the most delightful people I have ever met, as well as incredibly smart and truly fun. She just so happens to be THE True Born genius at attracting your desires, and she will absolutely get you on the right path.

-Peri Lyons

“Elizabeth possesses a unique set of gifts: a laser-like ability to get to the heart of an issue; the skills and resources to help us find and create new pathways to our dreams; and, a wonderful sense of humor housed in a giant, compassionate heart. She’s always got my back, and I am grateful!”

-Elvira Ryder

“Elizabeth’s direction makes the women in her presence feel cared for, nurtured and inherently deserving of love; and her optimism and certainty about the promise of love are contagious. Contrary to what we might imagine when we think of a coach for women, Elizabeth brings out the long-lost feminine in everyone who surrounds her.”

-Kristine Gasbarre, author, How to Love an American Man