the surprising way money can help you in love

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In my experience, the two most interesting (and also disempowering) subjects for women are money and love.

My girlfriend Kate Northrup has just written a book about helping women be empowered about money… AND she has just gotten engaged to an AMAZING man.

I remember sitting around her dining table a few years ago and “pow wowing” about what we wanted and whether it was possible to “have it all at once.

Both Kate and I were seeing a lot of examples of women we respected who were at the top, career wise,but without a partner to share it with.

Kate is now an example of a woman who has created both.- HER WAY. This is good news for all of us.

Here is my honest (and very juicy!) interview with her:

Me: How do you think a woman being empowered about money can impact her dating or relationship life?

Kate: When a woman is self sufficient financially she can have TRUE partnership—not bend because she feels she has to. She is able to really shine and be in her full power. When we have our finances and life in order, we attract men who have the same.

Me: It’s GREAT to SAY that we want to be financially independent and independent in general, but if we are honest,  lots of us may still ultimately want to be “saved” by a guy who swoops in and can save the day. What do you think about that?

Kate: Yes, that’s true and it’s fairly normal to want to be saved— but

we can be taken care of in so many different ways—And you can also be empowered and have a man taking care of the finances if that’s what you choose.

Its about choice and consciousness- having the freedom to choose, not having to stay out of necessity or survival..

Me: If  the subject of money feels overwhelming or scary for someone—what’s the best most simple place to start?

Kate: When you feel overwhelmed—the best thing is to face it—and once you’ve faced it, you can focus on changing your mind about it.

You can start by looking at your bank account daily and feeling gratitude for whatever amount is there.

Me: I love that… but what if someone’s bank account is at negative twelve dollars?

Kate: That would be tough, but every person has something they can feel gratitude for or abundant about —their home, relationships, etc. It doesn’t have to be money.

Me: How has cleaning up your own money situation impacted your love life?

Kate: So much—the biggest impact has been on my love life. I used to think that If I was financially successful—I would have to be alone. Now as I have become more successful, I have received much MORE than I ever have before in love.

Thank you KATE! Rock on with your bad self.

If you want to check out her book, you can get it here:

Your mission this week?

Do the gratitude exercise. Look at your account balance once a day and feel gratitude for every penny of it. This is Kate’s unexpected trick for making more money and I hope you go for it!

Love, Money and Fairy dust to you all.



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