two ways to feel instant relief

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two ways to feel instant relief

One of our biggest blocks to having the love we want in our lives…

Is lack of SELF forgiveness.

We have ALL done things that we are not proud of… I personally could write an epically juicy book about all of my massive “eff ups” in love.

We’ve all been there… Whether it was telling a lie, cheating, staying in something too long, being a doormat, being too critical and immasculating… or even chasing something you knew wasn’t right.

Once you have decided that you are NOT going to do that again, there is NO reason for you to carry that pain and guilt with you.

It doesn’t serve you, and it DOESN’T make you a better person.

I promise you, it doesn’t.

What make you a better person is getting the lesson, making an oath to yourself to handle things differently, and MOVING FORWARD knowing that you’re a HUMAN BEING.

Here is your mantra of the week:

“I grant myself PERMISSION to be HUMAN. I am gloriously perfect, even with all of my imperfections.”

Want a little extra credit?

Write a letter of apology/release/closure to whomever you feel incomplete with.

This exercise is for your healing and yours alone, and

**the homework is NOT to send it**

If you want to, you can burn it or rip it up, OR (as me and one of my close girlfriends like to do) go for a walk outside and sprinkle the ripped up pieces in different trash cans. Just for a little extra fun and closure.

Want EXTRA closure??

Write yourself the response you’ve always wanted to hear.

This is an exercise from the book “Mars and Venus Starting Over” by John Gray.

Dear (Your name),

Thank you for…
I understand…
I am sorry…
You deserve…
I want…
I love…

Love, (Their name)

Now… HEAL away! Holding onto guilt and regret helps NO ONE.

Grant yourself permission to be human, and let your light SHINE.

I am rooting for you.

Your Love and Happiness Advocate,


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