Ready for some miraculous shifts in your life? Want real and lasting results? Let’s DO this.


  • Get clear on what will make you most happy and fulfilled in life.
  • Let go of your LOVE concerns and transform them into PEACE OF MIND.
  • Get you unstuck and free you from resistance–or confusion– you may be feeling around your true purpose.
  • Tap into your inner resources of knowledge and be confident in your own decisions on a daily basis.
  • Add more FUN and JOY to your life – no matter how busy you are!

Attract potential partners who are at THEIR BEST and are truly ready for love.


I offer:

-Private BREAKTHROUGH coaching

-Workshops in New York City

-Keynote speaking at special events around the country.

-Phone and skype sessions for people who live outside of the New York Metro area.

For more information on private coaching or to have me speak at your next event:

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